The kidnapped boss bristol company outing

Help the Boss has been kidnapped Bristol

Help, the boss has been kidnapped Bristol

Which team manages to solve the kidnapping in Bristol and free the boss?

An interactive, team-based photo puzzle game

Each team uses a single smartphone to play this game. Your teams also get a city map that is divided into squares with coordinates, and a photo sheet with pictures of landmark sights and smaller objects in Bristol. Each photo on the sheet corresponds to a set of coordinates on the map.

Which team is the first to find the Boss?

Our game master will remotely lead the teams through the game via WhatsApp. Using the game materials, your teams have to find the objects on the photo sheet. When they find one, they take a selfie with the object and send it to the game master via WhatsApp. In return, the game master sends the team a clue about the kidnapping. The more photo locations you find, the more easily you can solve the kidnapping.

Work with your whole team

Just so that you don’t have to go through this event completely leaderless, you investigate a fictitious case so that your actual boss can actively participate. By the end of the excursion, the selfies you have sent to the game master will give you many great pictures with which to remember your company outing for a long time.

Focus on teambuilding in Bristol

Although you will pass by various landmarks, the game does not include any specific information about them. The focus is on the teambuilding aspect of the event and strengthening team cohesion by exploring the city in a playful way.

Note that the game has no prescribed route: your teams can start at any of the photo locations. And since the various photo locations are spread over an area of the city that can be managed on foot, teams can easily and quickly reunite after the game.

Group size

6 – 200 participants (more participants possible)


group sizePrice per participant excl. VAT
6 – 30£ 25,-
31 – 60£ 22,-
61 – 200£ 19,-


– Help the boss has been kidnapped (about 2,5 hours)
– Instructor (please note: not personally present)


– Reservation costs £ 15,-
– Each team will require access to a mobile phone with WhatsApp