Whatsapp company outing bristol

WhatsApp Murder Mystery Bristol

Whatsapp murder mystery Bristol teambuilding

Solve a murder in Bristol centre using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Murder Mystery in Bristol

Our game master will remotely lead your teams through the game. Each team uses a single smartphone for this game.

Outdoor Murder Mystery teambuilding event

Whodunnit? What is the murder weapon? Where did the crime take place?

Everybody is a detective in this company outing!

Your company’s teams get a map of the city of Bristol, divided into squares labelled with coordinates (A1, A2, B1, B2 and so on) They also get a photo sheet with the same coordinates, showing a separate image in every square. These images can be, for example, a statue, an interesting facade or a beautiful mural in an alley. When your team finds one of the locations shown on the photo sheet, they send proof in the form of a photo to the game master over WhatsApp. A correct photo is rewarded with a clue that helps them to unravel the murder mystery. The more locations your team finds, the more clues they get!

Use your team’s talents

Now it becomes a matter of thinking logically and working together. Has your team found all the necessary clues? Then quickly send the answer to the game master and be the first team to solve the murder! At the end of the event, you will see which team solved the murder first and may claim victory!

Group size

6 – 200 participant (more participants possible)


group sizePrice per participant excl. VAT
6 – 30£ 25,-
31 – 60£ 22,-
61 – 200£ 19,-


– WhatsApp Murder Mystery event (about 2,5 hours)
– Instructor (please note: not personally present)


– Reservation costs £ 15,-
– Each team will require access to a mobile phone with WhatsApp